Do you have a catalog?

Online catalog is being prepared. You will be able to see most of our products there. Meanwhile you can contact our managers, they will provide you with product list we currently have or what items can be produced.

How do I know your amber is authentic?

Our amber is 100% natural. There are various techniques to check if it is true amber, we will kindly teach you.

How long will it take to deliver my ordered items?

Usually it takes around 45 days after you confirm you order. However, it greatly depends on your order quantity and special requests.

Can I return products which I have already received?

You may return or exchange items. You will receive your exchange or refund within three weeks.

What is minimum order?

There is no minimum order set. You can order as much as you wish. It is even possible to order 1 sample item.

How can I pay?

We accept wire transfers. Please  contact us for other payment methods. 

Any unanswered Questions?

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