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Interview of Virginija Zygiene with Aleksas Mazukna

What inspired you to renew – to form a new team of amber specialists and enter the market under the new name?

As a result of disagreement on the approaches to the team, work and company development, I sold the share – holding of the company Amber by Mazukna. I established the company Amber Alex in Palanga, which will reflect my goals, inten- sions and work. Amber specialists, who had been working in my former company for many years, con- tinue to work in the team with new members.

The name of the company – Amber Alex – reflects the field of its activity. My name used in the name of the company means my personal direct responsibility for the success and fairness of the business created by me.

I have always wanted to live and work in Palanga, because of amber traditions, ‘bohemia’ and ‘philosophy’. Of course, amber ‘philosophy’ in commercial aspect is not as much developed here as in other places, but amber processing traditions in its essence live in Palanga.

I really like the Baltic Sea. There is no other place in Lithuania, where you can have a half-hour walking on the seaside during your lunch break. I wanted such walking on the beach to become an everyday instead of a holiday rou- tine. Moving to Palanga means a comeback to family roots and traditions: even three previous generations of my spouse lived in Palanga and the majority of them has been working with amber up to the present day. Therefore, our decision was not a coincidental decision, it was supported by family members and relatives.

On the other hand, the amber market in Palanga is the place where amber traditions are alive. Palanga is probably the only place all over the world, where the market is open every Saturday, unfortunately we do not appreciate it.

The visitors will find 30–60 amber sellers and manufacturers here; and amber is the essence of their lives as well as mine.

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